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Senate Cuts Budget by 5% Over Three Years



Senate Cuts Budget by 5% Over Three Years 

OTTAWA – February 29, 2012   The Honourable Senator David Tkachuk, Chair of the Standing Senate Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration today announced that the Senate will meet its targeted five per cent in net savings over three years. 

The Senate’s Main Estimates for the fiscal year 2012-2013 show that the proposed total budget is $92,215,846, down from $93,956,182 from the previous year. This translates into a decrease of the total budget by 1.85%. 

“While Parliament was not obligated to cut costs under the federal government’s Strategic Operating Review, we felt it necessary for the Senate to do its part,” said Senator Tkachuk. “No programs or expenditures were spared during our review.” 

“Senators’ offices and the Senate administration were given the mandate to streamline operations and realign activities,” said Senator George Furey, the committee’s deputy chair. “The Senate is continuously striving for greater fiscal responsibility and accountability.” 

Some of the sectors with decreased envelopes: 

  • Senator’s Research and Office expenses budget

  • Miscellaneous expenditures account budget for Senators

  • Caucuses budgets

  • Political Officers budgets

  • Committees budgets

  • International & Interparliamentary Affairs budget

  • Senate Administration budget